Wild flower meadow, Dolomites, Italy.

2.5 Legal stuff - Terms & Conditions

This web site

This web site is hosted by Theimagefile.


1) Rights Managed Licence Picture purchase

As it is not possible to issue Right Managed Licences via this web site, if you require this type of licence, please use the Alamy link, conducting your search via the new window which appears on your screen and then obtain your desired licence from Alamy.


2) Royalty Free Picture Purchase

Only the pictures indicated RF are available for Royalty Free purchase - however, please note that none have any form of consent or release, ref 3) below.

Pictures indicated as RM or ED are only available via Rights Managed Licenced sales - see 1) above.


3) Releases and consents

The client is advised that none of the images on this web site have any form of consent or release, including model releases, property releases, etc. Use of any picture from this web site assumes acknowledgement that no warranty or undertaking is given that any such releases or consents which may be necessary for reproduction are available or will be obtained whether in relation to the use of names, people, property, trade marks, registered or copyright designs, or works of art depicted in any picture.  It is the client who must satisfy himself / herself that the images are suitable for the use for which he / she requires them and shall indemnify both Leslie Garland and Theimagefile against any loss, damage, proceedings or costs where such rights, releases or consents have not been obtained                 


4) Picture Credits

The Picture Library asserts its right to a credit in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 . The credit line is to read "Leslie Garland Pictures".
If a credit line is omitted then an additional fee equal to thirty percent (30%) of the original amount invoiced attributable to the Image in question shall be payable by you.


5) Copyright

Downloaded picture files may not be copied, on-loaned, lent or otherwise shared with any external third party publisher. Neither shall the image be altered or manipulated, added to, or have any part deleted without prior written consent of Leslie Garland Pictures.
You may store the Image(s) in a digital library, network configuration or similar arrangement to allow them to be viewed within your organisation and by your clients but you must retain the copyright symbol, the name of Leslie Garland Pictures or Leslie Garland Picture Library, the Image(s)' identification numbers and any other information or metadata as may be invisibly embedded in the electronic files containing the original Image(s). Failure to maintain the integrity of the copyright information will constitute a breach of the Terms & Conditions.
When your licence period as set out in the Licence ends, you must promptly delete the Image(s) from your computer or other electronic storage system. Any subsequent re-uses of the Image must be agreed with Leslie Garland Pictures and/or Alamy.


6) Limitation of Liability

While Leslie Garland Pictures takes all reasonable care in the presentation of images and their captions, neither Leslie Garland Pictures or Theimagefile makes any warranty, express or implied, of the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of an image, nor shall either Leslie Garland Pictures or Theimagefile be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the buyer or any third party arising from use or reproduction of any picture or its caption.


7) Indemnity

You agree to indemnify and hold both Leslie Garland Pictures and Theimagefile harmless against any claims, damages, losses, expenses or costs, including legal costs, arising in any manner whatsoever from your unauthorised use of any Image supplied to you by Leslie Garland Pictures and Theimagefile, or any other breach by you of any of your obligations under these Terms & Conditions.


8) Downtime

Due to the nature of server provision, downtime and lost transmissions may occur as part of routine maintenance. You are advised to maintain a copy of your account status and details of Image(s) purchased.