Container ship unloading, Dublin Docks, Eire.

2.4 Pricing & File size

1) On this web site picture prices are quoted for Royalty Free use only and are dependant upon file size (ref table below).

2) If you require a Managed Rights licence for any of the pictures on this site, including those marked as Royalty Free,  please click the link to Alamy on the home page, conduct your search using the new search window which appears and then request the rights you desire.

3) When you click on an RF thumbnail the price quoted is for the largest file size. Smaller sizes are also available. The following table gives the approximate relationships between file size, repro size and price:-

File size     Approx pixel size     Approx TIFF file size     Approx repro size                      Price
100%             4900 x 3300                    50MB                  Double page spread                £100.00
65%                3200 x 2150                    33MB                           Full page                            £70.00
32%                1600 x 1076                                                          Half page                            £55.00
24%                1200 x 810                                                           Third page                          £50.00
16%                  800 x 540                                                         Quarter page                        £40.00
8%                    400 x 270                                                            Eigth page                          £25.00

3) Please do read the Terms and Conditions because you will be deemed to have agreed to these upon downloading any image(s).

4) This web site is hosted by Theimagefile who will invoice you for the sale.